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Elite Warrior Course

Elite Warriors CourseThe Elite Warrior Course is a customized professional development program for those that want to challenge themselves to lead a life on the “Path of a Warrior.”

The Elite Warrior Course tests you in all dynamics of both physical and mental training. It forges a foundation of success in life. This course is one on one where the client lives, eats and works with our Staff on a daily basis.

The training will be led by Elite Leadership Training LLC’s lead consultant, JB Spisso. JB is known throughout the professional world for his ability to inspire, motivate and directly affect the goals of any individual or organization. JB’s plethora of military and civilian experience compiled with his passion as a teacher, coach and mentor will facilitate in going from “good to great!” JB is a 26 year military veteran where he served in both Special Operations and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

The Elite Warrior Course will inspire, motivate and educate the client on how to be a competent and confident leader while focusing their energies on the winning edge to accomplish one’s core-goals and continue success in their field and in life!

Graduates of the course will learn the tools and skills necessary to take every day as a challenge.

Learn to be an Elite Warrior now! Call or e-mail for details and availability.