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Hi, I'm Lona

I help leaders with critical action steps that promote authentic leadership so that they can achieve personal growth and professional success.

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Building Customized Blueprints For Professionals At All Levels.
Individual Coaching

Private one-on-one coaching is for emerging and high potential leaders aspiring to achieve personal and professional growth. Coaching engagements are exclusively tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Lona will work with you to determine and align your personal and work values to unlock your potential. Lona’s coaching will push you outside your comfort zone so that you better understand your professional role within the company, while balancing your personal true self.

Team Coaching

Effective team coaching is for managers and leaders at all levels, which may include individual coaching sessions. Team contributors must understand how individual relationships and team dynamics effect the organizational culture. Connecting and aligning individuals, the team and the organization accelerates and inspires greatness in your team, increased productivity and explodes business growth.

Leadership Development

Organizations are feeling the pressures of the highly competitive labor market, leading to an increased financial burden and potential extinction. However, executive coaching can give leaders the upper hand in this situation, allowing them to better assess the gaps in their abilities and make effective, sustainable changes. Through this, leaders can empower themselves and their teams, leading to improved productivity, job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain an edge over competition – invest in executive coaching today! When your employees thrive, your company will too! Investing in the success of your employees is an investment in the success of your company.

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“I wish I had done this sooner in my career. From the first conversation with Lona, it was clear she was different. She has an innate ability to listen and...”

John, USA

“When I started working with Lona I was feeling personally and professionally lost and unsure how to move forward. Lona gave me the tools and exercises to resolve every issue...”

Bre, USA

“There are people that you meet in in life that truly change how you live your life, react and handle situations, and help you to just become a better human....”

Casey, USA

“I can’t thank you enough! You have been such a huge help in getting me to refocus on what really matters while I try to work through the issues of...”

Bill, USA

“Lona is an incredible person to have on your side. She is a real cheerleader. She’s helped me to move through some stuck mindsets and take action to make things...”

Sharon, UK

“If you are looking for an opportunity to instill fundamental leadership skills in a group of new managers or to refresh your experienced management team with what really matters, Elite...”

David Forbes, ADP, Inc-Senior VP-Sales, Small Business Services

“If you are looking for a way to motivate, inspire and build team unity, this is the experience for you. There are companies out there that offer “leadership training” however,...”

Sandy Strauss, Executive Assistant – ADP, Inc SBS East Division Sales

“The level of leadership, inspiration and motivation that you and your team displayed to our group was invaluable…. We will get back to the top of the mountain and it...”

David Piromalli, Division Vice President Sales – SBS East Division

“As one of the largest healthcare systems in the NYC area, our security staff are challenged on a daily basis to be able to manage any crisis, with quick thinking,...”

Alan J. Robinson, Atlantic Health System, Director/CSO, Protection & Security Services, Emergency Management

“A leader is not just what you hope to be, it is what you become. Elite Leadership Training will give you enormous insight into the realm of leadership development in...”

Tom Renney, Team Canada, Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings

“I was most fortunate to work with Lona over 3 separate seasons, with 3 different teams. Lona and her team had the ability to come in with a plan and...”

Scott Allen, Washington Capitals, Hersey Bears, Arizona Coyotes, Florida Panthers, Portland Pirates, San Antonio Rampage, New York Islanders

“I have worked with Lona on numerous occasions – she has always impressed me with her detail, innovation, enthusiasm. Lona's direct and honest feedback to our staff, and her uncanny...”

Tom Rowe, Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, Portland Pirates, San Antonio Rampage,

“I had the pleasure of working with Lona over the course of several years. Lona has the highest level of emotional intelligence and integrity; she practices what she preaches. I...”

Heidi, Director of Community Relations

“Prior to working with Lona I struggled with lack of self-confidence. Did I fit in? Was I good enough? Was I cute enough? All these loops and thoughts played in...”

Professional Hockey Player PWHPA, Chelsea Goldberg
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You're Getting Lona!

Lona is a seasoned leadership expert with over two decades of experience helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential. With a background in psychology, military service, and coaching across various industries, Lona is uniquely equipped to guide clients through personal and professional growth. Her tailored approach focuses on aligning mindset, behavior, and actions with core values to drive impactful leadership transformations. By offering straightforward guidance, accountability, and proven strategies, Lona empowers clients to navigate challenges and achieve tangible results. Trust Lona to lead you and your team towards greatness through trust, transparency, compassion, and accountability.

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If not now, when? Don’t waste another minute thinking about this! Allow yourself permission to accelerate your own personal and professional growth to unlock potential in life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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