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“As one of the largest healthcare systems in the NYC area, our security staff are challenged on a daily basis to be able to manage any crisis, regardless of its scope or breadth; a quick thinking, team approach with rational decisions is a combination few can offer a crisis routinely. Elite Leadership Training (ELT) has for several years been providing our company with a quarterly leadership skills workshop for our middle and senior security supervisors, and as the director of corporate security responsible for over 100 security officers, 125 locations, 5 hospitals comprising almost 10,000,000 sq. ft. I am pleased to say I have seen their skills set, especially under stress, make quantum leaps. ELT motivates, inspires, and promotes self-respect, teamwork, goal oriented lessons that provide the attendee with a course of action to improve his/her supervisory and team building skills. ELT is a considerable resource and force for any company looking to raise its decision and leadership bar.”

Alan J. Robinson, Atlantic Health System, Director/CSO, Protection & Security Services, Emergency Management

“A leader is not just what you hope to be, it is what you become. Elite Leadership Training will give you enormous insight in to the realm of leadership development in a manner that will have you reaching like never before.”

Coach Tom Renney: Team Canada, Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings


If you are looking for a way to motivate, inspire and build team unity, this is the experience for you. There are companies out there that offer “leadership training” however, completing a ropes course will do nothing to pull your team together; to show who your real leaders are or to motivate your team to rise to the next level. From the moment we walked into {training site}, until the last word spoken by the Lead Consultants, their passion to inspire, motivate and teach leadership was more than apparent. Elite Leadership Training is nothing like anything you have ever experienced – definitely a one-of-a-kind operation.  You walk away knowing you are a different, better person for having completed this course and for having met the team. The operation was professionally run; JB and Lona were there for every step of the planning and event. The entire Elite Leadership team was briefed, prepared, and positive motivators in their own right; all of whom have a wide variety of military background and who were all more than qualified. Together, ELT gave us a day where we learned more about each other, and of ourselves, than we ever could have imagined.”

Sandy Strauss, Executive Assistant – ADP, Inc SBS East Division Sales

“He’s the ultimate leader. He could be on our team and not even play and just be in the dressing room between periods. He’s the kind of guy who can motivate anyone to do anything. He really left a good impression from everyone. He showed a lot of care in what we did and followed us through the year. I think he was an inspiration to us to keep going and hopefully he’ll have the same effect this year.”

Sidney Crosby – Captain, Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Club

“The level of leadership, inspiration and motivation that you and your team displayed to our group was invaluable…. We will get back to the top of the mountain and it will be because of our WARRIOR SPIRIT… HOOAH!!!!”

David Piromalli – Division Vice President Sales – SBS East Division

“If you are looking for an opportunity to instill some fundamental leadership skills in a group of new managers or to refresh your experienced management team with what really matters, Elite Leadership Training is exactly what you need. ELT has created the ultimate “team building” event, which is certain to provide a lifetime of memories.”

David Forbes – ADP, Inc-Senior VP-Sales, Small Business Services