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Individual Coaching

Are you an emerging or high potential leader looking to catapult your personal and professional growth?

Private one-on-one coaching with Lona is the answer! This exclusive and tailored experience will create a safe space for learning and growing conversations while helping you align your personal and work values. Lona’s coaching will encourage you to move outside your comfort zone, empowering you to confidently understand and navigate your professional role within the company while staying true to yourself. Through this experience you’ll gain clarity on your desires and goals, recognize your strengths, identify stress trigger-reaction cycles, become aware of self-limiting beliefs, and recognize critical skill gaps.

Clients find clarity on their desires and goals, identifying strengths, stress trigger-reaction cycles, self-limiting beliefs and critical skill gaps.

Let us work together to create a tailored action plan that will help you develop a positive mindset, make positive behavior changes, and acquire new skills. Our coaching and personalized solutions provide practical exercises, accountability, and check-ins to ensure you reach your personal and professional aspirations.

The results of this personal transformation are long-lasting changes, enhanced learning, improved communication, heightened awareness, and greater self-acceptance. It is the surefire way to maximize your personal productivity and efficiency.

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If not now, when? Don’t waste another minute thinking about this! Allow yourself permission to accelerate your own personal and professional growth to unlock potential in life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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