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Leadership Development

Integrity, Honor, Courage; these are the foundation’s we use and teach from. Our skilled professionals have lived their lives using these principles and we will assist your organization in developing courses of action to become “Winner’s, Leaders & Warriors!”

Our Leadership Training selects group leaders throughout the exercise. Group members may provide suggestions on how to complete a task, however the leader is responsible for making sound and timely decisions.

In addition to developing team cohesiveness, these exercises develop leadership skills, such as decisiveness, judgment, adaptability and communication.

Our leadership training programs are designed to develop competent and confident leaders in your organization, as well as a trust and spirit of camaraderie within the team.

Our training programs are customized to fit the needs and goals of your organization.

Key Benefits

Training is available for all levels from youth, collegiate and professional sports teams; as well for entry level employees to executive staff.

Courses may be conducted at your facility or at our 300 acre training area.

Hands-on, and practical exercises will teach your staff how to make effective and timely decisions.


Our expert trainers will provide your team with the tools and confidence to make sound decisions in a stressful environment.

Our premier Leadership Development Course is known as Operation: Victory Spike; designed to forge the foundation of leadership at any level. The event culminates with a hands-on exercise for your team, which is supervised by our expert trainers. This event will forge great dividends in leadership development for your organization.

When you don’t have character and you don’t have virtue, greed fills the vacuum.
– Dr. Richard Seecof, MD