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Professional Development & Leadership Training

Elite Leadership Training, LLC provides leadership training, team building, character development, intellectual training & life-coaching, motivational speaking and direct mission feedback for those teams and organizations wanting to be the best! These exercises in leadership forge the foundation for teamwork, success, character development and mission accomplishment.

Our Professional Academic Training focuses on building Warriors, Winners & Leaders from the first-line supervisor to the CEO! Our programs have quantifiable results and show your leadership team, step by step, how to do more with less and how to be productive and successful in today’s turbulent economy.

Being the best isn’t something we say, it’s what we do! Elite Leadership Training LLC can facilitate your leadership team in finding the proper course of action for success!

Our Professional Academic Training includes detailed instruction, practical exercises, assessment and any necessary retraining. Our goal is for everyone in your team to leave our training more confident and competent leaders!

Listed below are some of our most popular and productive courses.


Leadership 101: Engaging every role in leadership from Warrior to Diplomat.  Understanding the four phases of leadership encompassing the Warrior, Winner, Leader and Survivor philosophy.  This seminar is key for up and coming leaders.

Leadership Duties & Responsibilities: The session stresses the importance of high honor and character, and the necessity of being a leader committed to the mission and more importantly to the people within their organization.

Leadership & Employee Engagement: How to properly engage to achieve success, as well as the ability to communicate and cultivate to be an unstoppable working group.

Assuming a New Leadership Role, “Congratulations You’re Now In Charge”: Assuming a New Leadership Role facilitates how to appropriately assume command of an organization following already set policies and protocols.

Habits for Highly Effective Leadership: How to sustain the necessary efforts to become a competent and confident leader in today’s world.

Developing Others: Successful leaders aren’t a success if they don’t take care and develop their team. Developing others educates leaders of the fundamental responsibilities and importance of training the force two-levels down.

Calculating Risk: Teaching how risk perceptions are based on choices of control.  Learn the importance of Risk Mitigation.

Strategic Leadership: Strategic Leadership facilitates the vision and direction for the growth and success of an organization.  Formulated strategies must be clearly articulated and support of all levels of the organization. This course focuses on why and how strategic leadership is essential for all levels of the organization.


Effective Communication: Getting your point across tactfully accurately and timely relies on honest, open two-way communication; mutual give and take rather than one-way persuasion.

Collaborative Communication: Reciprocating productive interaction to achieve a common or shared goal.

Setting Expectations, Giving Feedback & Conducting Effective Appraisals: Learning to give honest, no-nonsense feedback in a timely manner. Utilizing the appraisal process that facilitates the teach, coach, mentor model. Understand how to give clear and concise direction based on the corporate mission and objectives, while providing honest and positive feedback.

Correcting Performance: Reversing negative performance trends and behaviors the key for management is to identify negative staff attitudes and, once discovered, take immediate action to reverse these destructive issues and behaviors. This course will also educate leaders of the importance of giving sound and timely assessments to subordinates and the step-process of when and how to conduct assessments in a constructive manner.

How to Conduct Successful Meetings: How to Conduct Successful Meetings educates on how to clearly define the, “Who, What, Where, When and Why.” The course facilitates on how to decrease digression, while sustaining focus on the main objective.

Effective Public Speaking: Learn the ability to engage a group, hold their attention and more importantly communicating your message in the most effective manner.

How to Conduct an After Actions Review: How to Conduct an After Actions Review is based upon the military’s proven method on how to communicate both the ‘positives’ and ‘areas to improve’ for an organization in a productive manner.


Building an Engaging Workplace: Learn techniques on how to inspire and motivate through simple low cost ideas.  Learn how to maintain high morale and engagement in the workplace and the importance of consistent positive reinforcement and recognizing them when they do a high-quality and first-class job.

Organizational & Time Management: Learn the necessary areas of skills and practices key in the functions of management, including planning, organizing, leading and coordinating and how to efficiently use time in organizing, prioritizing, and succeeding in your profession combined in the context of competing activities of friends, work, and family.

The Mental Toughness Approach to Leadership: Under pressure you can continue to think constructively, non-defensively, positively and realistically and do it with calm clarity.

Ceaseless Dedication: Ceaseless Dedication educates your staff on showing the value of dedication to the organization both internally and externally.

Dealing with Difficult People: The ability to find the necessary avenues to make even the most difficult people engaging and adaptable to your organization and their needs.

Group Dynamics/Value of Diversity: Educating the necessity of having a group that is focused on open and honest philosophy

Balancing Corporate & Staff Needs: Identifying and executing the necessary balance and poise between corporate and staff needs in order to forge a foundation for success of any organization.

Food for Life: Elite integrated nutrition for health and wellness designed for the corporate environment.  Includes a guide to healthy food preparation.

Business Continuity Planning & Crisis Action Planning: Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Action Planning is essential for every organization. This course will cover how to plan, implement and execute procedures for real-world situations.  This course teaches leaders to make good decisions during time-sensitive situations.

Project Management & Decision Making Process for the Individual Contributor: Professional Decision Making Process is one of our most effective and successful programs, which educates staff of in-depth procedures on how to utilize 8-steps to effectively and timely come to a decision that makes sense and is both practical and adaptable for every organization. This workshop is comprised of a practical application, team assignment and group presentation. * Includes a graded Practical Exercise and homework for attendees.


Team Building Exercises: We have several Tier I & Tier II indoor and outdoor programs that we customize to your organization. These exercises will put your team members through Special Operations military-style events that require the team to think on their feet, war-game tasks and problem solve. These operations have quantifiable results, which put your team in battle situations drawing on their abilities to maneuver, communicate, make decisions under stress and cultivate the Warrior Spirit.